RSS feed posting:

You can use our service to connect an RSS feed for automatically filling your newsgroups with RSS posts. Once subscribed, our service will check regularly for updates of your feed, and if there are any new entries, we will post them to your group.

Automated posts

For promotional posts, stock codes, and sweepstakes you can create posts to be repeated in the group every few minutes, weeks, or months automatically.

Templates for posts

With our service, your post patterns can be ready in advanced and you can plan new publications by simply modifying them, not creating posts from scratch.

It' useful if you already know what your content plans are, and you're posting according to them.

Others features

All main indicators in one service.

Post scheduling

Ability to plan posts and polls for a certain time or schedule, considering the content plan.

Buttons designer

Build your own responses below posts to boost your audiences' engagement.

All features
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