Best post scheduling service for Telegram is the cloud-based post scheduling and analytics tool for Telegram channels. The powerful tool that lets you build and plan posts, delete posts at a specified time, receive advanced post and subscriber analytics, run polls, attach buttons to your posts, post any type of content, and more.

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All kinds of posts
Post the types of posts you can publish: texts, photos, videos, audio, documents.
Publish time control
Post at once and at a set time. Alternatively, you can also choose to schedule the post to be erased in a certain period of time - this is convenient for advertising posts.
Advanced analytics
Using our in-depth analytics, we offer stats on posts, subscribers, countries/cities, and involvement.
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How it works
Sign up
Signing up is quite simple and will only take you 5 minutes or less.
Adding a channel
System provides public and non-public channels and open and private groups.
Planning your publications
Take full advantage of the features of the service to schedule your postings, build polls, post from RSS feeds and more.
Receive in-depth research for your channel. We offer the analytics by items, subscribers, countries/cities, and engagement.
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